Which Tuber IRL

I’m getting a great sound using Tuber as a cleanish boost for Clean Machine. Quite a revelation, never used a Tube Screamer before. Problem is now how to recreate this sound with my hardware. I have a Super Reverb clone and need to buy the pedal. Do I just get a vanilla tube screamer or is this a mod - if so, which one?

I realize it might be hard to say exactly but could I at least get a hint? Will the bonsai cover it?

I’d say get the Ibanez reissue of the original, based on my experiences with such pedals. That said, I agree with the Tuber/Clean Machine…used these for my “Stevie Ray Blues Lead” preset for Strat…

For SRV that would be a ts9 I guess. I’ll probably just get the JHS bonsai, it’s got them all in one pedal.

That compressor is a real nice clean boost too.

My experience has been that variants of the TS9 can sound noticeably different (Neural did a great job of modelling a great sounding one), so maybe buy both the JHS and TS9 used so you can flip one of them for not much loss after comparing?

As for the Archetype Wong in general, the more I use it the more I like it. Past experiences with modellers have been the exact opposite for me with $hundreds stranded on my hard disk. But then back in the day my hardware was a '66 Deluxe Non-Reverb (known as one of the best pedal amps around), a Budwah, a Marshall ED-1, a Tube Screamer and a MidiVerb4 patched in parallel…so basically the same setup as Wong’s pedals and the Clean Machine amp. I’m just amazed that Neural could do a modeller to rise to the level of top shelf hardware!