A nice video sharing how he gets some Andy Timmons tones

Davlav has made some really nice and informative videos on YouTube. I thought I would take the time to introduce one of them here on the forum. Enjoy.


Yes he’s got some great presets! Love the videos.

I’d love to see more DEMO videos or a tips and tricks series from Neural. Either from QC staff themselves or people that upload quality videos such as the one you mentioned.

I came from the Kemper world and they did a decent job of having videos on certain tones and sounds. Fractal also has a Killer channel that does similar. I think it’s on YouTube called G66.eu

Anyway :v::metal:


Glad you liked the video. Davlav makes some of the best QC Vids. He is a good instructor and plays nicely too. I agree that it would be nice if Neural themselves would add some as well. Maybe we will see more after the next major update. I know they are using all of their available resources to make that happen.

Andy Timmons is one of my all time favorite guitarists. I have a hybrid setup. I have my QC on a pedalboard with Keeley Compressor, Halo, AT Super Mod, and Strymon Cloudburst. I play at church and it sounds really nice. I am currently using the built in Morgan50 as my amp. Nice clean sounds.