Where can I find QC's MAC address

To connect my QC to Wi-fi,I need to know my QC’s MAC address.
Where can I find it?

Hi @kikiu and welcome to the community! That is a good question and something support@neuraldsp.com might be able to tell you. Otherwise, there are methods to determine outside of the QC etc., as you should be able to tell on your WiFi AP logs or similar depending on type of AP. Another method that ‘might’ work is to set your cell phone as a temporary hot spot and when connected, it should give you the MAC being used.

I will leave this open in case someone has alternate ideas of obtaining your MAC.

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One way to go about getting your MAC address, once and for all time (as noted above), is to get on a network where you have access to the router admin app/page and don’t require a MAC address to connect. Perhaps your phone’s hotspot as @MP_MOD suggested, in which case just google how to find the MAC of a connected Wi-Fi client on your particular phone. If you don’t have access to a hotspot or a network where you can do this, perhaps a friend can help out.

Instructions for using a router that does not require a MAC to connect

  1. Connect Quad Cortex to (your friend’s) alternate network using standard method which does not require MAC address. Login to the network on the Quad Cortex under ‘Settings’ → Wi-Fi
  2. Also under ‘Settings’ → Wi-Fi on the Quad Cortex, note the IP address in the line at bottom of screen
  3. Login to the router via a browser or router app if there is one (usually via a connected computer on the network, routers often have an IP address of or although not always) and look up the IP address you noted in last step. Most router admin pages will show the MAC address of each connected wireless client along with the IP they are connected with.
  4. Once you have the MAC address for the QC (which never changes) you can use it on your current network which requires it.

alternatively, temporarily disable MAC filtering on your router so you can connect and see/add it?


Thank you so much !
I managed to get the mac address thanks to you procedure.


Thank you all for your advice.
I managed to get my QC’s MAC by following the procedure offered by @HonestOpinion.

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Excellent write up! Thanks for that!
I started thinking about the MAC yesterday evening and it dawned on me that I forgot another simple solution that doesn’t require accessing the WiFi router (admin/log) etc. Basically connect to the friends WiFi network , note the IP assigned on the QC (hopefully a DHCP network) then ping the IP from a computer on the network and finally enter ‘arp -a’ (on Windows) to display the arp table. When you ping the device and get a reply, you are essentially building the arp table which will display the Internet Address (IP) and Physical Address (MAC) then simply find the IP and note the MAC.

Thanks everyone for all the excellent input! I will close this now as resolved.

Note: If anyone needs to have a topic re-opened, feel free to DM me and I will make it happen.

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