Where are all the different Wah pedals?

Hi all, reading about the QC online i see that there are supposed to be many different wah types (wah from hell, Vox , clyde etc), however on my unit i only see cry vany, bad horsey and buddah as options?
Im running the latest 2.o firmware.

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Yeah there are 4 at the moment. Buddha, crybaby, vox, Morley for guitar. and with an eq pre or post and exp pedals you can get even more options

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Thats weired, the QC lists many more wahs?

  1. British Wah: Vox® Wah
  2. Crying Wah: Dunlop® Wah
  3. Crying Bass Wah: Dunlop® Bass Wah
  4. Bad Horse: Morley® Bad Horsie®
  5. Crying Wah From Hell: Dunlop® Cry Baby® From Hell
  6. Fuller’s Bonnie: Fulltone® Clyde
  7. MXC404 Wah: MXR® MC404 CAE
  8. Crying Clyde Wah: Dunlop® Cry Baby® Clyde McCoy
  9. uTron Auto Wah: Mu-Tron®
  10. Love Meat: Lovetone® Meatball®
  11. Guitar Auto Wah

Oh damn. I never saw that. I’ve been hoping for an auto wah. Look under envelope filters , some of the wahs are bass too

I stand corrected. I don’t see auto wah etc

Auto wah is a factory preset

that’s a 3-yr old prerelease list. Many of those devices did not make it to the QC.
The accurate list can be found in the manual or here: https://cortex-device-list.vercel.app/


That’s a shame that the number of wah’s had to be reduced; guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll be added later.
Have Nural DSP commented on this?

There’s ine Wah in the Fractal AX8 which is really nice; loads of additional harmonic content when say putting on top of a Marshall - kind if missing that at the momment, but not the end of the world; still sounds good.