Wah Wah engine and more wah types

A feature suggestion for a wah wah engine or custom wah where we can manually adjust the frequencies and pedal response of each users expression pedal.

Even more more wah model types would be great. Personally id like the ibanez wh10 and a vox 847 , i’m sure other users would like other models too, which is why maybe a custom wah/ wah engine would be a great all rounder. You can research specs of the type of wah your after and make up your own wah sounds, so its a super creative tool.

Heres a video of leon todd on the axe fx to explain a little. ( i hope this allowed) i just feel the video is an ideal visual as to what i’m suggesting.

If this interests you please vote.

Just a heads up.

I’ve owned the Vox 847 and now have a WH10 (funny since these are the 2 you mentionned)
There is one thing the QC will never be able to take from these 2, and any other wah actually.

The Sweep.

unfortunately, Expression pedals have a larger sweep than wahs so you will lose some dynamics.
I prefer to have a real wah on my board.

I don’t know if you used both of these mentioned wah, they are both great, I only changed the vox because it was unreliable.

Cheers for the reply.

Yea i own the wh10 v3 , it’s definitely unreliable. Mines already been fixed once and that was after 6 months use. Lucky it has 3 years warranty.

I also owned the vox for a while and they are great wah’s.

Still i think wah engine would be a cool idea.

Do you not think the sweep could be something you could self calibrate to capture the range you were after ?

I have faith neural could create something very sufficient.

I guess on a personal level id love to get to the point where i could do away with all my pedals and just have a QC and an expression pedal .

However from previous modelling multi fx units I completely get where your coming from having stand alone pedals. I still believe somethings just are not as good as the standalone device, usually drive and fuzz pedals for me , i didnt mind the big muff on the QC actually which surprised me.

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Well, you can already decide to use a specific range in the pedal, I’d say I get decent result when using the bad horse wah in the 35% to 85% (basically cutting low and hi) since it appears that the bottom 35-40% do not filter much, and the his filter a ton.

but it you can’t change the physical range of the pedal which is bigger on an EP.
so to get the same dynamic you’d get from a wah (think funk) you need to rock that ankle a lot more using the EP