Wah's on QC lacking something? (harmonic overtones?)

Hi all,
I’d like some opinions please in case it’s just me, or I’m not using the right Amp/capture block/Wah combinations.
(Note: I always start my chain with the Wah block, as I used to do with an analogue pedal board)
Back when I had a Fractal AX8 I used to IIRC use the Clyde wah model (now in the QC, which to me sounds like the previous Cry Baby model, with a shorter sweep) and when I’d engage the Wah in front of say a Freedman, or especially say a Silver Jubilee block, with say an overdrive (say mystic - Klon clone?) I’d hear some really satisfying/pleasing to the ear and raunchy harmonic overtones when sweeping the war and playing; it sounded awesome (think the kind of Wah sound Slash, Adam JOnes gets, or to a lesser extent Kirk Hammet) - to my ears the Quad Cortex is missing this? - or is it just me? ; can anyone upload any audio samples (hopefully) proving me wrong? and confirming which amp/overdrive/wah combo they achieved this with?

When I get time I’m going to try using a few different real wah’s I have at home to see if it’s the modelled wahs, or something to do with the Amp modelling of the cortex.
Just to be clear, I’m not bashing the QC and I hope that I’m just not using the correct overdrive/amp block/settings

You have to post your audiosample as reference

Old thread, but I’m a fairly new QC owner and just got my expression pedal and have the same feeling as OP - there must be something I’m missing (or else I’m sure there would be MUCH more reports/requests regarding the available wahs).

It’s strange; i found that if you put a certain overdrive block (think it was the Chief BD2 or DS-1) in front of say a jcm800 or jubilee amp block id get more of thr harmonic overtones i was searching for - give it a try.

I say it’s strange, as when I had the Fractal, I’d naturally get these overtones when just playing a wah block in to the amp (or say just an SD1 overdriv ein front)
Really hope Neural revisit the wah block on the QC; it’s not bad*- certainly usable, its just that with fractal it sounded incredible, like the best wah sound i’d ever had. Sounds like there something missing re; how the wah block/amp blocks react.
*hasn’t made me test with real wah pedals yet; i have a cry baby, og zakk wylde wah and a vox. Did go to try with the ZW, as had it close by, but unfortunately has issues, so couldnt test.

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As a long time user of Crybaby wah I was really hoping to find and use several varieties with the QC but it’s just not the same. My old road battered wah finally bit it and I tried to use the QC but it doesn’t have the right feel - just invested in another high end wah and will use my expression pedal for volume and other things
love my QC though and really looking forward to 3.0

I use a mission pedal which feels identical to a real wah (has the switch too; annoying that the QC has only 2 exp inputs - used to like activating the mission pedal like a real wah on the fractal, but stilll having a spare slot to use my earnie ball pedal for univibe or volume- not a huge deal, as i just set to auto engage on the QC.
There’s just something slightly underwhelming with the wahs on the QC at present. Can still get some good sounds and does the job (i only use a wah a couple of times during a set anyway), but could spund better.

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