Is there a way to auto wah?

I’m using the cortex without expression pedal. For some funky stuff I would like a way to emulate the way pedal going up and down in sync with beat.

The only way I kind of found is with the envelope filter but I can not really get it to sound like a wah. Is there an effect or setting I’m looking over?

Yes, there is. In the Filter effects you have:

  1. Env. Filter
  2. Foog (Moog® Moogerfooger® MF-101)
  3. Love Meat (Lovetone® Meatball®)

These work great.

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Thanks for the info. I’m not 100% where I want it to be but getting very close :grin:
The love meat is the closet to what I’m looking for.
All 3 effects are very good but not exactly an autowah to me… The Moog is so much fun :birthday::grin:
For reference what I’m looking for is the effect of a small pedal I have called Funky Monkey by Mooer.It’s probably a clone of something else…
I haven’t tried capturing it yet because probably the capturing is more geared towards Amps OD’s etc Might very well be that I’m just not good at dialing in the effects too😅