When will we be able to put neural dsp plugins on the cortex

Im super new to virtual instrument tech…just used to playing a guitar with an amp. So i putchased a neural dsp plugin and downloaded the drivers. Then went to Ilok to launch my plugin.
I cant get anything to run on my laptop.
I guess im a dim wit…can someone tell me why my plugins wont run? I have windows 11, i lok, ilok lisense manager and nothing works…HELP…TIA

you would launch a plug-in from the stand-alone app or insert it on a track in a DAW recording software suite.
Are you unable to open your standalone version from its file on your computer?

The plugins aren’t usable on the Quad Cortex yet, we are waiting for an update to the QC operating system for that to happen.


oh i know that bud…im Asking when it might happem

Neural have said they are “on track” to release plug-in compatibility in Q2 2024.

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