What's the default IR on Fortin Nameless v3.0.1 when no Custom IR is found?

So before updating to the latest version, I used to have some presets on Fortin Nameless that showed ‘no custom IR’, probably because I relocated the IR files.

But instead of a gnarly sound that you expect when the IRs are off, there was a nice smooth sound to it. I’m assuming it used some default IR instead.

Now that I updated to v3.0.2, that’s gone. I get a gnarly, raw amp tone from these patches. I really liked those tones, so I want to get the IR and use that again.

So can anyone tell me what’s the default IR it uses? I’ve tried the default Dynamic 57 and Condenser 184, but doesn’t sound the same to me.

Or should I just rollback to the previous version? Appreciate any help here.

P.S. Few more details: I’m on Windows 10 x64 on an Acer Predator. I use both Standalone as well as the VST/VST3 plugin inside Reaper.

Bump. I’m unable to update to v3.0.2 because many of my favorite tones stop working. I’m still searching for the ‘No Custom IR’ tone that works surprisingly well for me. So would like clarification on which IR/mic this is and how I can replicate that on v3.0.2, or even some other plugin.

I’m using Nameless as a VST3 plugin inside Reaper DAW.