What s your sample rate and buffer

Hi all i tried all the neural plugins this weekend they are beautiful soundings , i bought the Nolly because it offers me a lot of diversity, in my set up im at 44100hz and 128 samples (2.9ms). im using an old line 6 toneport ux2 ,that s the most stable setting on my mac mini i5 2.3ghz. Ok my question is what s your sample rate and buffer? and my second question if i upgrade my ux2 for a scarlett focusrite gen3 will i be able to increase my settings? thanks for helping me out

Hello @f1cyber6. I don’t think there is a very noticeable difference in latency between a Scarlett 2i2 and toneport ux2, considering that both are USB 2.0 interfaces. Besides, I think that 2.9 ms is already a very good latency. I would assume the principal difference between the two interfaces comes from the quality of the preamps and outputs.

A noticeable upgrade from your setup would be any RME, Universal Audio, Apogee or Focusrite Clarett interfaces.

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-MBP 15" mid 2015, 16Gb RAM, i7
-Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd gen

-2ms latency

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how many tracks can you have running with these settings?

So far I have recorded a clip, that had four Neural dsp plugins, EzDrummer track and Solem Audio Midi bass track + a couple compressor plugins.

Nothing too heavy, but I didn’t have problems.

After that I have noticed, I can use Neural DSP plugins with stereo input in Parent folder and run two gtr tracks that way and save some cpu (I guess).

i`m very sensitive when it comes to latency. my comfort zone is @ 64 samples. sadly i have a rather avarage system: no ssd, 8gb ram, i5 dual core with max 2,4 ghz. my interface is an apogee duet which helps a lot, but to record with 64 samples, without crackles and pops, i have to adjust my workflow:

i use reaper as a daw because its very light on cpu. i only have the buffer that low while i am recording, the rest of the time i have it rather high @ 512 or 1024 samples. and most important: while recording i am freezing all the other tracks - which helps a lot! setting oversampling to normal in my neural plugins also helps. most of the time my cpu and my real time peak are around 30 - 50% depending on how much effects i am running. i`m recording @44.1 khz.

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MBP 2015 16gb ram, i7 in 4i4 3rd gen. Most stable is 128 samples at 44khz but my preference is 256 at 96khz. Its mostly fine but some crackles in Abasi every now and then

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Hi! I’ve been reading some of your comments and I think I migth have a problem with my configuration.
Im running Archetype: Nolly’s Trial Version on my Notebook Dell G3 15 (16 gb RAM, Intel Core I7-8th gen, 512 SSD), connecting my guitar through Steinberg MkII.
I can’t get below 448 samples without popping in 44.1 K, I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t sound as good as out of the box reviews i’ve seen, and sounds a little bit muddy when using it as a plugin in Cubase 10…
I’ve read that some of you guys get around 96 samples with similar equipment…
Please! I really want to buy it and I could use some help

The guitar I use is a modified Krammer Assault 220 Plus FR Seymour Duncan (Got rid of duncan pickups), I have DiMarzio Crunchlab/Liquifire installed.

Hello @alejandro.masloff. Does it also happen in Standalone mode?

I don’t think the interface matters that much to what buffer settings you can use. It’s more that your cpu has to be able to handle the processing. I’ve used a $30 interface/cable that’s made for the game RockSmith and had no issue going all the way down to 16 smaples at 48k using the standalone mode on a 2017 MacBook Pro.

My computer is supposed to handle it blindfolded

Are all your drivers up to date? Is anything else running that would be interfering with it?

@alejandro.masloff. Please, verify if the same thing happens in VST2, VST3 & Standalone. Also, check if the HI-Z switch on your MkII is activated while you’re playing guitar through the interface.

It does happen, and I’ve never used Hi-Z

You should turn on the Hi-Z switch when recording high impedance instruments, such as an electric guitar. Please, if the issues persist, contact support@neuraldsp.com attaching your standalone audio settings and specifying your setup (CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Storage, Operating system, DAW, audio interface, etc) as detailed as possible.

Thank you, I will try…