What kind of pedalboard are you guys using?

Yes, this should work without any problems. The question is how much else you want to mount on the board. My second board is equipped with the part. If I ever make it into the rehearsal room I have to try that out, but I don’t know why that should fail. The 2A 12V output directly passes the current from the associated power supply. Theoretically, you can also use the two normal, switchable outputs with a current doubler, but then occupies two outputs.

So if you connect the QC to the separate 2A 12 V output, you still have another 2A for all 8 remaining outputs.

What is possible with the Palmer can be seen in the picture I attached. This was the maximum configuration the Borad had. Below is a Rochboard mod 5 IR DI box and two tone buffers.

Here, by the way, you can see the real consumption of various pedals. Simply add up and see if it is enough.

However, my QC now runs on battery power and I would no longer want to do without it.

Are you daisy-chaining power off the shure for your rgb strip? I ordered the dc7 but the hi5 is much cheaper so I was wondering how daisy chaining would work with the RGB and say a tuner pedal…

Great question, I just had to go look at my board again as I did it all so long ago I’d forgotten! Yes, taking the last Hi5 slot at 9v and using a daisy chain cable, one to the LED’s and the other to the Shure GLXD. Hope it helps!

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Thanks! I appreciate you checking into it! Good to know

So many well considered and well executed boards for this unit people, good to see.

Mine stays in the studio, it’s quickly replaced a number of older units and I’ve streamlined the whole bass rig down to the QC, a Boss Bass Chorus and a RND Shelford Channel for the DI, I’ll occasionally patch the Amek 9098 onto the QC output, but not as often as I expected to TBH.