What kind of pedalboard are you guys using?

Yes, this should work without any problems. The question is how much else you want to mount on the board. My second board is equipped with the part. If I ever make it into the rehearsal room I have to try that out, but I don’t know why that should fail. The 2A 12V output directly passes the current from the associated power supply. Theoretically, you can also use the two normal, switchable outputs with a current doubler, but then occupies two outputs.

So if you connect the QC to the separate 2A 12 V output, you still have another 2A for all 8 remaining outputs.

What is possible with the Palmer can be seen in the picture I attached. This was the maximum configuration the Borad had. Below is a Rochboard mod 5 IR DI box and two tone buffers.

Here, by the way, you can see the real consumption of various pedals. Simply add up and see if it is enough.

However, my QC now runs on battery power and I would no longer want to do without it.


Are you daisy-chaining power off the shure for your rgb strip? I ordered the dc7 but the hi5 is much cheaper so I was wondering how daisy chaining would work with the RGB and say a tuner pedal…

Great question, I just had to go look at my board again as I did it all so long ago I’d forgotten! Yes, taking the last Hi5 slot at 9v and using a daisy chain cable, one to the LED’s and the other to the Shure GLXD. Hope it helps!

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Thanks! I appreciate you checking into it! Good to know

So many well considered and well executed boards for this unit people, good to see.

Mine stays in the studio, it’s quickly replaced a number of older units and I’ve streamlined the whole bass rig down to the QC, a Boss Bass Chorus and a RND Shelford Channel for the DI, I’ll occasionally patch the Amek 9098 onto the QC output, but not as often as I expected to TBH.

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Finally got mine wired up with all the pieces that took forever to get in…
-Temple Duo 17 (XLR/4-Way/IEC/Locking TRS Mods)
-Cioks DC7
-Boss EV30
-Polytune 3

I had to solder the locking TRS connector, but otherwise it was a pretty simple install. If anyone knows a better way of sealing up the TRS connector on the board side, I’d be interested. I see Neutrik sells a rubber sleeve that would fit over the trs connector but I was also thinking heat shrink might work too? Right now I have it wrapped somewhat in electrical tape.

The other issue I’ve had is when I set the LED strip to “cycle” through colours, I get noise through my outputs that mimics the relay doing the cycling. If I put it to a solid colour, no noise. I should mention that if I bypass the locking trs connector and plug direct into the QC, I also have no noise, regardless of the LED strip. I am thinking it has to do maybe with the shielding (or lack thereof) on the TRS?


I’ll probably just do a PedalTrain Metro 16 at some point. Does the bag still include the top pouch for cables?

I have my TC Voicelive 3 and QC adapters in the white mini outlet strip under my Boss wireless.
I also mounted a 1/2" flange that holds a mic stand and have a little attachment on the mic stand so I can also use it as a guitar stand. I also mounted a little clock, you gotta know when to take a break!!! I also have a 4 channel XLR snake so I can just plug in and go!!!

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How do you find your boss wireless in terms of dropouts/range? I was going to order the WL60 but haven’t heard great things at all…

It’s ok most of the time, but I’m not far from it. I use it so I don’t trip over wires. Sometimes I have interference and have to use a wire.

For those using the DC7 to power your QC:

This may be a dumb question, but if you’re summing power from 4 of the outlets on the DC7, that are 500mA each, aren’t you only getting 2A, not the 3A that the QC is rated at?

Correct, it has been documented well on the forum that the QC runs with no issue in this configuration.

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For me, the DC7 offers a bit more room to grow in terms of adding another pedal and a full-sized USB port allows me to charge stuff at the same time. I have the RGB strip, tuner, and separate temple audio USB port hooked up so all of my power supply outputs are currently being used.

The patch bays are simply a personal choice…makes me look more “pro show” in my opinion and potentially saves the jacks on the back of the QC from damage by careless soundguys.

Since you have a solo 18, I probably wouldn’t recommend the patch bay outputs/inputs as it will clutter up the small board considerably

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Hi guys, this is my baby :slight_smile: Quad Cortex on Temple Audio Design SOLO 18 powered by CIOKS DC7.

Signal PATH: Guitar - Rupert Neve Design - Neural QC. EarthQuackers Plumes in QC FX LOOP.


Which XLR do you use from QC?

I use the Switchcraft AAA3FBLP, small and neat.

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There are plenty of threads dedicated to power supply choices…my choice is the Cioks DC7.

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No problem, the DC7 would likely work well for your use case, but those other threads can give you a wider selection of choices that might fit with your budget/expansion needs more appropriately

Best board for QC and Moog EP-3? So far I narrowed it down to just the Rockboard 3.0 (and 3.1 for two EP-3s). All others seem to be either too small and too large.


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