POD Farm/Waves GTR type plugin

So, I know that people have talked about Neural DSP making a whole amp “suite”; putting all of the plugins into one Meta system. While I do think the idea is great, I believe that there is another solution that Neural DSP could use.

One common trend I am noticing with people’s requests is to use various sections from different amp suites (i.e., using the Nolly green overdrive with the Omega Granophyre amp head with the Gojira Cabinet 3). There are also some people also just use a single aspect of a Neural DSP product with something else (perhaps a real cabinet or a different plugin altogether). I believe that the best solution would be to have a base amp suite builder like Helix (with parallel processing, this is a big feature we all seem to enjoy), and then much like Line 6’s Pod Farm or Waves GTR plugins would do, also have individual plugins of different selections; something like “Neural DSP Amp Head”, “Neural DSP Pedalboard”, “Delays”, “Reverbs”, “EQ”, “Modulation”, etc. So while they may not be developing new pieces just for this suite, most of the users would still very much enjoy a lower-CPU amp suite instead of having to load three or four different plugins to get the tone you want.