Whammy Dive Bomb

I’ve already mentioned this to Neural but thought it was worth putting it here in the feature request area of the forum too…

I’d like them to add ‘Dive Bomb’ mode to the Whammy block. It makes no sense to me that they’ve modelled the Digitech Whammy yet left out this important function entirely (heck it’s the very function which the pedal is named after in the first place).

For those of us who prefer fixed bridge guitars the Whammy in ‘Dive Bomb’ mode is extremely handy & it really should be there; I can’t imagine it would be particularly difficult or resource heavy to add this one feature given that the model is already there.

what is the exact functionality of that feature? I never used the Whammy pedal much.
How does it achieve the DB?

When set to Dive Bomb mode the treadle simulates a whammy bar (when you push it all the way down it’s like dive bombing). On this setting one can do with their foot what one would do with the bar on a guitar with a trem. It’s real useful if you prefer fixed bridges but still want to execute whammy bar style pitch-bending.

Here’s a picture that shows the different setting options on my Whammy pedal. You’ll see the Dive Bomb mode at the bottom of the black ‘Whammy’ column. No model of a Digitech Whammy is complete/accurate without it.

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does the DB go below the -2 oct, freq-wise? (I assume it must or it wouldn’t be a separate setting)

Yes; the taper is different too, both modes feel different & yield different results when in use.

…just checked the manual & it says that the Dive Bomb mode allows for pitch shifting of 3 octaves down.

all right, you talked me into it- I voted for it. Thanks for taking your time to share!

No problem; thanks for the vote. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As we all know the pitch and whammy effects (except the octaver?) are not polyphonic. They sound great for some intervals and single notes but not comparable to a digitech whammy or other competitors. An update on these would be amazing! I have also noticed phasing issues when trying to blend using the mix knob and using the splitter when in neutral position/0 pitch change. Would love an update on that as well!


By the way, I also started a poll a while ago regarding the missing Whammy features so you might want to look for that & put your vote there too if; like me, you want the Whammy model to more accurately represent the real thing.

Personally I think it’s rather cheeky calling it a model of a Digitech Whammy as it currently stands.