Preset sharing?

Is there a section on the NeuralDSP site for sharing presets? I see one that seems to be for the quad cortex, but I’m looking for presets for Cory Wong amp, Tone King. etc.


Hi @DougF and welcome to the community! I would check out NDSP’s Discord as there are many channels regarding QC and the available plug-ins (including presets for each etc.)

Thanks! What i’m looking for are presets for the various individual plugins, Tone King, Cory Wong etc. I have several of the plugins which O use, don’t have the Quad Cortex.

Is Discord where I should look?

Glad to help! Currently, there is only two areas for NDSP plug-in content, one is Discord the other is here in the Unity forum. There are no other official areas for plug-in presets. I would also check Facebook and other forums for that kind of activity. Thanks!

Click on the “Plugins” link

Thanks again, I’ll check out Discord! By Unity forum do you mean the Community forum? And, hoping against hope, I’m guessing that the presets in the Cortex Cloud can’t be used in invidivudal plugins, Tone King, Plain, Cory Wong etc?

The unity forum is this specific forum. And that is correct, the cloud is specifically for the Quad Cortex.

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