Weird cab block behavior

CorOS Version: 1.0.1

Describe your issue:
When you put a bass cab with a guitar amp or capture the tone+volume will change when you go into the cab block for editing (no need to edit, just go in)
Steps to reproduce your issue:
1.Create a new preset
2. Add a guitar amp model
3. (NOT MANDATORY but good for testing purposes) add a guitar cab
3.1 check your tone
4. either delete the cab block or Replace device for a BASS cab (darkglass, or any)
5.check your tone, it should have changed
6. hit a chord and keep it ringing, then click on the cab block to enter edit.
7. You should notice a quite big difference, like the cab comes alive.

I expected this to happen:
I expect the cab to be working fine without needing to go into editing

I have tried the following things:
-This seems to work ONLY with the first bass cab used, changing for a second bass cab doesn’t have any effect, or at least does not reproduce.
-does not seem to happen with guitar cabs.
-happens with guitar amp capture and models