Bug on 2.1 amp + cab captures on diferent scenes

CorOS Version: 2.1
I believe i have stumbled on a pretty nasty bug that kind of renders the unit unusable live in my usage scenario, and will potentially affect a big pool of users also.

**Describe your issue:
when changing scenes that have different AMP CAPTURES and two parallel mono cab blocks are in the preset, the capture on scene one will change its quality and produce something that sounds like a phase issue.
Basically if you have a full amp and cab capture on scene A and a amp capture with 2 mono cabs in parallel (row 3/4) on scene B when changing back to scene one the capture displays the said above behaviour despite the cab blocks being off. this behaviour does not occur with a single cab block so it seems to be introduced when the splitter is in place.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. add amp capture assigned to scene A (FULL RIG CAPTURE amp+cab)
  2. add a different amp capture(no cab) assigned to scene B
  3. add two mono block in parallel via splitter and assign to scene B
  4. switch back to Scene A and save the preset
  5. exit and load back preset (everything ok)
    6.change from scene A to scene B and back to scene A
  6. Scene A is now displaying the behaviour

I have tried the following things:

  • reloading the capture module makes the capture work fine again (until a scene is changed)
  • mono block with no split does not create the problem
  • reloading the preset also bring back the original sound of the capture (until a scene is changed)
    -factory reset won’t solve the issue

This behaviour is displayed on presets created on previous coros and on new presets!

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example scene B

example scene A

For anyone also struggling with this bug:

Response from NDSP :wink:

“Our test team gave us more information.
They have been able to reproduce the issue, and it is now referenced as a bug on our end.
It will be fixed in the next CorOs update.

Thank you for understanding and for your patience.

Best regards.

Best regards,
Neural DSP Support Team”


Again if your struggling, although it’s not the final fix and ocupies considerable more dsp:

If you replace the mono cabs with the new stereo models the problem will disappear

Hope that helps

Hey Tele, that’s a bug that requires a pretty specific scenario so there may not be many users who will experience it. None the less, thanks for bringing it to our attention and reporting it to NDSP.


Thank you NDSP team !!

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