Two different cabs in one stereo block

Many of my gig presets involve taking the signal from an amp block and splitting it into two different cab blocks – not for a stereo/panning effect, but to mix the tonal characteristics of the two different cabs from one amp. I’d love to be able to select/mix different types of cabs from within one stereo cab block and avoid needing to add a splitter to accomplish this on the grid. Ultimately, many of my dual-cab presets are summed to mono, but having the additional tonal textures of running an amp block into a 2x12 and a 1x12 cab block within the same stereo cab block would be great!

you could load 2 separate cab IRs into either the stereo cab or IR loader blocks.
Would that work for you?

Not quite what I had in mind – I’m looking to use the cab sims already in the QC, not third-party IRs. Something like the Dual IR block, but for two cab sims is really what I’m hoping to do. If there’s a way to load a second cab in the new stereo cab block in CorOS 2.1.0, I haven’t found it.

Another example: the Line 6 Helix’s dual cab block lets you select cab “A” and cab “B” from their available library.