Warranty Transfer

If I buy one from someone that has just received it is the full 2 year warranty transferable to me?

Edit: In one location it is noted 2 yr and another is 3 yr. Please confirm this as well.

Thomann site shows 3 years warranty so that will be for all distributors.

Can anyone from Neural confirm that the 3 yr warranty is transferable to me from an original owner or does it stay with the original owner only??

Thomann has a 3 year warranty on almost every product they sell. And technically it is not transferrable to my knowledge. I have experience on their warranty repair system and really can’t recommend it .

Unless the problem or failure appears during first 30 days. Then you will receive a new replacement . After 30 days the unit must be shipped to germany and their repair system either tries to fix it or they send the product to qualified repair shop or whatever. And there is a chance that you will not get any info on any repairs or what has been done to your product. And after that the product has to survive shipping back to you. And in my experience not packed so good …

Let me clarify more - I am in the US (Indy) and have bought a unit from a person that was Tier 1/2. He did not register and sold it to me when he got it. Does the 3 year warranty transfer to me since I registered it and it was not used before me?

Good question, I would simply email Neural (support@neuraldsp.com) with the warranty questions as they have been pretty quick to reply to my latest inquiries. Good luck and congrats!

Thanks. I took that approach as well and haven’t heard back. I was trying on the board and email just in case. No response to date.

I emailed them just last week and got a (good) response about a day later. Hopefully they will get back to you soon!

I did see where Neural posted warranty details on their site indicating that its covered if purchased directly from Neural or authorized dealer:

Neural DSP Technologies warrants that your new Neural DSP product, when purchased from Neural DSP direct or from an authorized retailer located in the USA or Canada to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three (3) Years from the original date of purchase except when & where local statutory law requires otherwise.

Neural DSP Technologies may, in its sole discretion, require proof of the original purchase in the form of a dated copy of the original authorized dealer’s invoice or sales receipt.

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