Free plug in with Quad cortex

I purchased my QC a few weeks ago and sent in all the information regarding purchase. I’ve still not heard back from Neural. Has anyone had a similar experience?

There are a few posts regarding the free plugin. It usually takes 10 days from what I am seeing once you submit your form etc.

Yeah, that’s what I had read. I’m sitting at nearly four week.

Here the same. Also waiting for free plugin.

Where do you submit the form ?

Through the Website as the instructions tell you

Same with me @Mac.
I filled out the form on the website and have been waiting for an answer since the beginning of December.

+1 here. Created a forum account because the support link on the website just redirects to the knowledge base with no way to reach a person. It’s been about 3 weeks for me. This is pretty lame. @MP_Mod any updates for us?

Unfortunately not, I would suggest emailing and follow up to ensure they are aware you are not registered.

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Has anyone received their free Plug in yet ?
I bought mine on the 28th December, but have had no news about it.

Hi 2pods, I have just got the free plugin, after having the same issue as you.
I emailed with my account email, a screenshot of the receipt, and a photo of my QC with the serial number being displayed,. They fixed it very swiftly and apologised.

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Me too, with the same result

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