VST online jam in DAW

Hello everybody! I purchased plini plugin that works perfectly in standalone.
Now I would like to start using in a DAW, but I tested Cakewalk unsuccessfully.
Honestly I have no experience with DAW, so I don’t know if the problem it’s me…
Could you please suggest a guide or a short explanation of how to use VST as a virtual amp sim in a DAW? Could I play in a DAW track using VST to process the audio input or I have to record a unprocessed audio tarck and apply the VST offline?


Hello, @matteo.de_martino. First, you need to make sure that your DAW recognizes your audio device:

  • Open Cakewalk and go to Edit > Preferences

  • In the “Device” tab, select the correct input and output

  • In the “Driver settings” tab, match the settings you use while in the Standalone version of the plug-in (Sample rate, buffer size, etc)

  • In the “Playback and Recording” tab, select “ASIO” in Driver mode

  • Press Apply and Close

Then you need to check if your DAW recognizes your plug-ins:

  • Edit > Preferences > VST Settings

  • Look at “VST Scan paths” and check if your VST folder (The one containing the VST version of the plug-in) is recognized. If not, press “Add…” and locate it. Lastly, press “Scan” to make sure it is loaded correctly.

  • Apply and Close

After that, open a new project (File > New), create a new audio track (Insert > Audio track) and Insert the plug-in on it by right-clicking on the FX rack > Insert audio FX or dragging and dropping the plug-in from the Plugins tab to the Audio track. If everything worked, you should be able to activate the monitoring by clicking on the “Input Echo” Icon.

input on cakewalk

Let me know if it works.

Many many thanks! It worked perfectly.

Have a nice WE,

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