My tones are really thin and dont sound any good compared to the demo videos. (Archetype Nolly)

I’ve been testing out the nolly tones for a good bit now and I really cant get them to not sound thin. I can post some examples of the DI signal and amp sound

DI Signal: DI-Signal-1.mp3 - Google Drive
Amp Tone (Using Heavy Rhythm Rocker preset): Distortion_Tone_Use-1.mp3 - Google Drive

Edit: Additional note, ive tried double tracking and eqing and such and it still didnt sound good at all.

Is this in the Standalone app or a VST on a track in a DAW? If in a DAW, are there any input FX on the track? Turn off all the stompboxes, FX and EQ in the plugin; does the tone fatten up?

Nothing is wrong with the DI. I ran it in Logic with the Nolly, and it sounded fine. Something is messed up in your DAW or in the settings of the Standalone.

vst on a track in a daw, the eq is on in the vst but it isnt doing anything, not set up at all

do you have any idea what settings I need to change? I feel like it sounded better a few days ago standalone and on a different daw as well, not sure
(sorry meant to reply to you with this)

I’ll bet there’s something messing with the input on the track that the VST is on. Start a clean DAW session, load up only the Neural VST and see if there is a difference.

@eckwihser - Send an email to with your audio clips so they can help you troubleshoot.

ill try this right now! ill get back to you if it works

ok well I tried recording on a different daw and my tone sounds really full and good now, its something with the daw ig