Master Volume?

I noticed that my Helix and Helix Stomp XL are quite a bit louder than my QC when running them into a powercab. Is there a master volume somewhere on the QC. It seems to make a difference on the cleaner amp models where a louder volume seems to have a bit more headroom before getting that tube distortion.

For volume, you have the volume for each FX block, I/O levels and master volume know etc.

Yeah, I know about the master volume on the front. The Helix stuff at 12:00 is a lot louder than the QC when both are set to , say, 12:00. Wondering if there is a way to get more out of the QC with some interanl setting?

If you haven’t already, you might want to check to see if the outputs are at line level or instrument. That can make a huge difference.

It has been said here that the QC volume wheel is meant to be turned up to max.


Yes, check your global I/O settings and adjust as necessary,

I tried turning up the volume wheel on both the QC and the stomp. The volume is louder on the Line 6 stuff. It may be the nature of the beast here and I may need to change my expectaions. Also when I dime the volume wheel on the QC it lights up the clip light on the powercab easily. I know I can compensate with the amp block, etc. I found the instrument/mic switch on the inputs but caouldn’t find a line/instr. on the outputs. When I switch to mic on the inputs there is no sound so that one has to be on instrument.

I am not familiar with Powercab, are you using XLR, TRS or TS cables? I haven’t heard of any volume differences but worst case, shoot an email to and they will get you sorted quickly. Also, NDSP recommends to run the main volume at 100% for best SNR as it acts as an attenuator and be sure to long press your signal chain output and adjust accordingly without clipping.

You’re not crazy - it’s quieter. You can push the level on the swipe down menu from top up to 0 without clipping as well as maxing out the wheel.

I play in a church worship band with another lead player using Helix and His signal is way hotter than mine with my gains out set perfect and attenuator at 100. It’s the way it is. It’s on the Sound crew to trim me to an adequate trim/gain setting for FOH levels.


Thank you so much! That makes a lot of sense…for what ever reason, the Helix is hotter as I sort of suspected. You guys saved me a lot of grief. I think that when using the Piwer Cab, I can just boost the volume on the cab itself to even it out.
You guys are great!

Why is it quieter than other modelers? Is this a hardware limit or can the signal level and headroom be increased as a feature enhancement with firmware?

I don’t understand why people are getting hung up on the Quad Cortex being “quiet”.

QC has a max output of +9.5 dBu, which is more than enough juice to run to audio systems which take line level signals at +4 dBu.

I’ve never owned a Helix, so I can’t speak to that. But there is nothing wrong with the QC in this regard.


I’ve noticed that the volume level tends to be ‘cumulative;’ with very little on the grid at default levels, it is quieter. More blocks boost the overall volume. With more blocks you also have more points in the signal chain to increase the levels further. I find it can get PLENTY loud before clipping if you build the path with the cumulative increases in mind

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It drives the desk well enough - in my instance, I’ve been frustrated trying to get enough level for my bass poweramps in a loud band. I finally figured out I can get there by pushing all the levels pretty high - but when using what I originally thought were ‘safe’ margins for dB levels on the output meters (like -12 or so) was comparatively low output relative to my other modelers. I was pushing my 1kW power amp to almost max to get a reasonable stage level competing with loud drums and two guitar stacks. Now I run it to a reading of -2/-3 or even into red occasionally as long as the limiter isn’t kicking on.

You may know this already, but outputs 3 and 4 are 6 db louder than outputs 1 and 2 if you run balanced cables.
I plugged in 2 XLR cable from out 1&2 to my mixer and 2 balanced 1/4" cables from out 3&4 to 2 other channels.
Out 3&4 were considerably louder than out 1 and 2

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