Volume knob assignability, the most important update

I got my Quad about a week ago, and have used on five gigs so far. I work full time as a session/freelance musician in Stockholm Sweden. I have a few different feature requests, this one is by far the most important!

We need to be able to assign the volume knob!

To send a consistent signal from XLR to FOH, and change the volume on our stage monitors that are connected to output 3/4 with the knob. There is no time on the gig to exit gig view, go to I/O page, change volume, go back to gig view. I use both RCF and Headrush as stage monitors, neither have easy access to volume adjustment. This has been possible on Helix from the start. Please fix it asap! It is totally worth a separate firmware update just for this.

Otherwise, thank you for a great product!

There’s already such a feature request:

I’d suggest closing this one and voting up the other one (I’d also love to have this!)

I have a workaround that may not fit everyone’s situation, but it has worked for me so far.

I purchased a Behringer Monitor1 Passive Monitor and Volume Controller and mounted it to my pedalboard adjacent my QC.

Most of my gigs do not utilize stereo, so I send XLR (L) to FOH, and XLR (R) to the Passive Volume controller via a 1 ft XLR patch cable. I run the output of the Volume controller to my FRFR/monitor.

I can change my volume with my foot because the volume knob of the Behringer is nice and big.

Also, I can crank up my FRFR/Monitor, then dial back the Volume controller to leave a little gas in the tank in case the drummer winds up during the gig.

Hope that helps someone.