Volume Wheel ability to link/unlink to different output levels

Havent seen an official request for this. I would like to see the ability to link or unlink the volume wheel to the different outputs in the I/O section . This is particularly useful for live use for an frfr monitor for example while FOH outputs remain fixed and unaffected. Also useful for headphone monitoring while recording, and many other scenarios you might need quick access to a hardware knob for volume while others remain fixed.

Have you seen this? Coming in the next update

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Yes, yes , and YES!!, This really should’ve been there from the start. Anyways, just glad it’s coming, hopefully sooner than later…Got a ton of holiday gigs coming up over the next few months, as I’m sure many of you also, would be best “early” xmas present …:)…xox…

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I had not seen that ! That explains why I found no official request. Where is this 2.0 ?

Take a look at the August development update, it shows the update to the master volume:

The latest September update:

No exact date on when the 2.0 firmware will drop. Hope it is soon.