Visual clipping indication for each block on the screen

It would be very useful to have a clipping indication on each block in the chain, rather than just the output blocks.

This may not be needed. It’s unlikely that any blocks except the input and output are likely to result in unwanted digital clipping. For example, I created a patch in Helix that added 16 gain blocks all at +12 dB except the last one which I used to subtract all the gain added from the previous plugins so the total input/output gain was 0dB. Then I looked at the output with a scope and there was no clipping anywhere. That’s probably because they’re using floating point in the plugins and there’s plenty of headroom there to avoid digital clipping. That’s not true of the physical inputs and outputs as they are limited by the A2D and D2A converters. That’s where digital clipping might occur.

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