Mode for monitoring input and output levels for each block

This is a very useful feature. Very often guitarists have problems because they can’t track overloading or insufficient amplification inside the chains. This is what it should look like:
QC - monitoring

Horizontal meters above blocks have a slight drawback, they are difficult to estimate the relative change in loudness between blocks. All the same, it is better to have vertical meters, they show well how the volume changes from block to block:
I also think that the meters should not always be visible, since they have some computational load, but the clipping indicators in the form of red dots should always be displayed, regardless of whether the monitoring mode is enabled or not.

  • I think the best place to activate the monitoring mode is the button on the block editing panel. This is handy when creating and editing chains, also in case of detecting clipping using the dot indicator, you will need to open this panel.
  • the clipping indicators should reset when monitor mode is turned off.
  • It is important to add a reset button at the top of the screen, because even with the correct setting of the levels, occasionally there are signal bursts that can be neglected, but they light up the indicators and opening the edit panel to reset will be somewhat tedious

I’m not sure meters are that important for blocks. The chance of digital clipping primarily occurs at the input and output, where the A2D and D2A converters have limited dynamic range. Once inside the Quad Cortex, its likely there’s plenty of digital headroom. As long as you don’t go crazy with accumulated gain, and make sure the input and output aren’t clipping, then you should be OK.

Where block metering would be useful though is in things like compressors and noise gates in order to see the gain reduction.


Hi @jamsden :slight_smile: That’s a great idea! I was thinking about the same thing when I subscribed this morning and opened a Topic for GR metering before reading your comment, hopefully you hadn’t already made one :slight_smile: Well, let’s hope it gets implemented soon!

This would be very useful for manually levelling amp and capture blocks against one another when creating multi amp channel presets.

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Yes please! I get so screwed up with my levels aside from chain input and output.

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