Very bassy/boomy response on low E string

Using the Soldano free trial, overall I’m very impressed with the plug-in, particularly the higher gain presets. However, when I play clean or crunch settings I get an incredibly high and boomy bass sound when playing the low E string, it’s quite bizarre and not something I’ve experienced with my Kemper or amp head through a Captor X.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so what did you do to resolve it? Only way I can make it less noticeable is more or less taking the lower frequencies out on the EQ which makes no sense at all, and drastically alters the tone for the worst.

Hi @RushFan, Welcome to the community!
Are you using the QC as your audio interface? If so, you may need to set your QC signal chain to ‘Not in use’ as you may be hearing the DI signal on top of the plugin etc.