Sound problems with dual inputs

Hi. New to the QC, and to this forum. Loving my QC already ,some great tones dialled in really quickly.

However, a bit of experimentation with an acoustic guitar and the looper has me puzzled.
Input 1 - acoustic guitar - no IR, no amp, just an EQ , delay and reverb. Sounding sweet. Added the looper - making progress, able to get a nice acoustic loop running.
Then added Input 2.
Electric guitar - with a Soldano lead amp, high gain etc with OD1, reverb and delay to solo over the looper track -
Looper track sounds great still, but lead sound is very thin and fizzy (think solo tone from Summer Breeze). This is the same lead tone I set up on a different patch that sounds awesome!
I looked at the ipnut levels and couldn’t see any issues - no obvious clipping etc.
Am I missing something ? Anyone had a similar issue that they were able to resolve?
Thanks in advance.

what cab block are you using after the Soldano Lead amp?

Ha! Well spotted. I couldnt see the error for looking!
That sorted it. Many thanks for your help.

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