Van Halen Panama inspired preset

I stumbled across this by accident a few weeks ago (started with the “Tone is in your Fingers” preset) and have been having enough fun with it that I thought I’d share. Not claiming this is 100% authentic so be gentle :).

I have the OD engaged because I enjoy the extra push and smoother feel it gives when playing, and I think it sounds like a slightly heavier, more modern version of Eddie’s sound, especially when playing Panama. If you click off the OD you will get something that’s even closer and a little more responsive dynamically.

You can also chuck a flanger or phaser in front for other songs (Unchained is pretty good and while it’s a little gain-y as it is, with a phaser you can get something pretty close to Eruption).

Anyway, thought I’d share…hope someone else out there has fun with this. RIP Eddie!!

VH Panama.xml (6.9 KB)


Thanks for sharing this James, I look forward to trying it later today.

Would love to know what you think :slight_smile: