Any advices to build these sounds

Hi guys,

i got the Quad Cortex but struggle to get tones i’m looking for.

Would really like to get close to the sound of:

Alter Bridge

Any advices from the community here?

Used pickups are SH-2n and SH-4 JB (Seymour Duncan SH-JB Hot Rodded Set)

I can help you out with the Trivium sound. One of the most obvious things is active pickups. Matt uses Fishman Fluence Moderns (3 voice), EMG actives would suffice.

For the amp, use an EVH 5150 III. For the cabinet, use a Mesa cab with v30s. An overdrive pedal (Tubescreamer). He doesn’t use a lot of gain on the amp, he relies on the pedals to push the amp instead. Not a lot of bass either, scoop the mids. The Trivium sound has largely been very Metalcore.

Throw in a Green 808, turn down the overdrive to 0, set tone at 5.2 and level to 10. Throw in an EQ and drop a little bit of the 400hz, boost the 820hz a bit, boost 1500hz (just a tiny bit). Throw in a noise gate to tighten things up. Take out a little bit around the 3500hz range as well. Throw in a hi and lo cut at the end to clean things up. To get the more clean Trivium tones, use a Vox AC 30.

Search for “Trivium” by Beggars on the Cloud, I uploaded a preset I quickly built for you. You might need to tweak it to suit your guitar and pickups.

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Wow, you got way more knowledge of all of that than i do.
I ll try your preset now.

Thank you for sharing and helping out!

Any thoughts on Opeth / Alter Bridge sound? :slight_smile:

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All good! Let me know how you go and what tweaks you have to make (if any).

I love Mark Tremonti as a guitarist and he is essentially the Alter Bridge sound. Let me see what I can come up with. You’ll have to tweak depending on your guitar and pick ups, but a good starting point.

I know Tremonti has been rocking dual amps for years. He uses a Triple Rectifier and a Bogner Uberschal with 4x12 Mesa cabinets with v30s in them (standard for most metal and hi gain tones). For his clean tones, he uses dual Fender Twin Reverbs.

This will be a fun patch to make because his setup isn’t exactly straightforward.