Swedish Death Metal/HM2-esque Presets?

Looking for At The Gates/Entombed, etc. I tihink some of Ola’s presets are close to what I’m looking for, but I’m new to guitar (bassist who came over from the dark side) and my ear for shaping tones is just not there yet. I don’t have that “oh this needs more XYZ” sixth sense yet. Any help is appreciated! I know this may be a tall ask without a pedal or preset in front of it.

Hi man, I think it’s quite hard to replicate that tone without using an HM-2 pedal emulator.
I’ll try to take a look at it, IMO the best solution could be a signal chain like this:

  • running a first instance of Fortin NTS with only the pedal section enabled, with noise gate and overdrive
  • running an EQ trying to mimic the frequencies of the HM-2 pedal (I’ll try to get them somewhere)
  • running a second instance of Fortin NTS with amp and cab section enabled
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Thanks for the reply. I figured as much, I’ve been playing around with the Audiority Heavy Pedal emulator and have gotten a little closer. The double instance idea is good I need to check that out, I recall an interview or something with Kurt Ballou where he was talking about the HM2 frequencies I’ll see if I can track that down.

Side note, I have all of your presets downloaded, thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome, I got some really nice tones with Audiority Heavy Pedal, even if I honestly use it trying to get some different tones from the classic “swedish chainsaw” mode.
For the frequencies try these EQ settings:
60 Hz: +7 db
125 Hz: +6 db
250 Hz: -9 db
500 Hz: -3 db
1K Hz: +4 db
2K Hz: -6 db
4K Hz: -8 db
8K Hz: -12 db
16K Hz: -12 db
You’ll probably need to compensate the cuts with the volume overdrive settings to the max.
Hope it helps, let me know if it works out!