Help dialing in an Obscura Leads Tone on Nolly

Hi there! I’ve been rocking the trial version of Nolly, and I’m just trying to dial in a good Obscura or just tech death tone that’s heavy but clear. Could have a bit to do with my picking technique but I’m sure there’s things I could do with the sim to tweak the sound a bit. Any suggestions for presets and adjustments?

Playing through a Strandberg boden 6 masvidalien EMG 57 active pup

Obscura use Engl amps, they don‘t sound anything like Nolly‘s 5150 Rhythm channel. You could try the Lead channel, though. Engl amps sound very „hi-fi“ with scooped mids and a very smooth and compressed low end.

Hey thanks for the reply. I’m only on the free trial; any suggestions of the other plugins that may allow me to reach a cleaner tone for tech death type stuff or even just ENGL’s?