Utility of DUAL Expression Pedals


I just want to get sure about this.

Yesterday I saw a Boss EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal in a local shop. I almost got it because it’s Dual, metal made and just around 100€, when the EV-5 is around 70€ (I use an old EV-5 that works perfectly).

But then I thought I don’t really “need” it:

I mean I think I can do everything with a single one. I could use two single ones if I wanted two different expression options in the same SCENE, but the DUAL wouldn’t work for this purpose.

Am I ok or missing something?

Is the DUAL Expression Pedal useful for the Quad Cortex?

Thank you.

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Eh, it really depends how much you want to control on the fly without toe tapping scenes or presets. For me, I would only use one (on the way!) since it’s doubtful I would be controlling more than one sound “effect” at a time live, whether it be wah, volume, dry/wet fx mix, or a combo of parameters to get a certain “effect”. Two would be cool for let’s say you’re on a lead scene and want both wah and volume immediately without switching anything.

Nice but def a luxury IMO.

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That’s what I think, too: Wah and volume in one scene is not possible with a dual pedal.

So no use for a Dual Expression Pedal with the QC?


It’s not useless at all. If you switch and change a lot of parameters in the same scene it could be quite useful - ex: if you use a pitch shifter on one pedal to swing to a specific pitch and then use the 2nd pedal to add feedback to a delay (or wah or whatever). But I’m not that type of player and I’m guessing you aren’t either hehe. I would say save your money for now unless you start to feel limited with just one pedal.

Yes , if you want to do that, you need two separated single expression pedals. You cannot do that with a Dual EP.

I haven’t quite figured out how to use a dual XP pedal with the QC. A pedal w/ toe-switch makes sense to me, using the 2nd XP for the switch, toggling fx, etc. 2 separate XPs make sense. But I have yet to figure out how to utilize a dual-pedal efficiently. Is anyone doing it? (I bought the Boss EV30 because of the size, not really thinking thru how it’d replace an XP w/ toe-switch)

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That’s exactly where I am. I just didn’t buy it, but I agree with everything you say.

Thank you.

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wish I could find a mini w/ switch, but I think maybe the absence of a switch is what makes them ‘mini.’

That would be a popular product. You could potentially make your own if there is room enough and the pedal chassis is robust enough. Use a mini switch if necessary.