Using Neural DSP for live gigs - routing questions

New to Neural, but not inexperienced at Frankenstien-ing stuff together! Let me preface: I love the stereo effects and would like to run live stereo. Now, I know that I can run out thru and interface to FOH or to a pair of FRFRs…OR I can run into a power amp and into two guitar cabs, disabling the cab emulation, of course.

My question then: Is it possible to do BOTH? Run to FOH using cabinet emulation while also running into an amp/guitar cab setup WITHOUT using the IR? Looks to me like you can do either/or but not both. Anyone know the definitive answer to this?

There’s no options within the plugin/standalone to do this sort of thing, but if you used a DAW or live host like Gig Performer, you could run two instances of the plugin, e.g.

  • Run two instances in parallel, where one has the cabs disabled
  • Run two instances in series, where the first one has the cab disabled, and the second instance is only the cab.

You then just need to manage the routing to the correct outputs. Easy to do in Gig Performer.

Hi @jrusidoff and welcome to the community!
Depending on which interface you are using, you may be able to route the signals wherever you need. For instance, with the QC as your interface, you can route the signal back to the QC where one signal chain can be FOH and split to another output to your amps. I run this way in the studio where I essentially route my signal back to my QC via USB which feeds my monitors and into my FX return on my amps. Lots of different ways to choose these routing options. Most interfaces have multiple routing options and with the NDSP plugins you can choose where the outputs from your plug-in are routed to etc.

Thank you guys for all the input!

I would use a FRFR for live monitoring, its more flexible and lets you use the plugin as it was intended.