Power amp captures

So I’ve seen some captures of 6L6 and EL34 power sections. Anybody know how this is done? I would like to try the same. I have a dedicated power amp I’d like to capture with KT88’s.

You could do it with an amp that has an effects loop. Instead of going into the regular input of the amp for your capture, try going into the effects loop return. Then you can capture just the power amp section of the amp. You can either mic the speaker cab or use a DI load box between the amp and speaker to do a DI capture.

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Yup, it’s really the same process as capturing the whole amp for most amps with an FX loop. Just treat the FX loop Return as if it were the amps input.

Great thanks I forgot about the fx loop. I’ll give it a go. Plus I have a KTG2100 power amp that I really love. The way it reacts when you add preamps is amazing. I’m hoping I can capture the magic that it has.

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It’s worth a try. I’d love to hear it when you get it captured.

For sure. I’ll report back and post it.

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Incidentally, the effects loop also gives a way to isolate the preamp section for capture, by going in the front-end and out of the send. So you could in theory capture the preamp and power sections separately and mix and match them across different amps, levels, etc.