Using external stereo effects/hardware

I have put a Strymon Timeline in a stereo effects loop in front of a pair of amp captures, loop 1 handles Strymon L and loop 2 handles Strymon R. Each return then has its own lane to an amp capture - so I have two amp captures, one for Strymon Left and one for Strymon Right. I can’t see another way to get true stereo strymon if it is in front of the amps. My question is - do I need to pan the two amps hard left/right? And how do I do that? Or am I being thick - is there something obvious and simpler I could do to insert true stereo external fx in front of my amp captures and not have everything sum to mono?

If the amp captures include the amp and a speaker cab together, you just need to run the output of one captured amp to output 1. And the output of the other capture to output 2. So each amp, has its own output rather than each amp going to outputs 1 & 2 together. Which depending on your routing, could possibly combine their signals making it mono.

You can route the output of each lane to whatever output you like by clicking on the output assignment block.