Using Archetype: Nolly as an IR with a real amp signal?

Hi there, I just got Archetype Nolly and it’s amazing. I especially like experimenting with the IR section which got me thinking…
Has anyone tried running the preamp output of a real amp into the Cab IR section of Archetype Nolly? Interested in trying it out but not sure how to use the IR section of the plug-in alone?

I haven’t with Nolly but it works great with Plini. And I’d imagine the IRs are more diverse with Nolly so it probably sounds great.

I havent tried for the amp but you can disable components by right click or double click so it should be possible.

Best to use a reactive load box with your amp and use the load box line out to go into the Neural plugin of choice. As martink78 mentioned, just right click all of the sections but the cab to disable them (ok to also use the post cab FX if desired), and you’re good to go.