Acoustic guitar sim for electric guitar?

Dear Cortexers,

I play electric (mostly classic rock) and we have one or two songs which would need an acoustic guitar, but I’m too lazy to bring one just for those.

Does anyone of you have experience how to get a reasonable acoustic guitar sound with an electric?
On Helix, there was a acoustic sim pedal, but it was not very impressive.
On the QC, I currently simply use a clean amp, but I guess there must be a way to get closer to an acoustic guitar sound with IRs or captures?

Many thanks for your recommendations!

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There’s a really nice capture of the Kemper acoustic sim on the cloud.

There are also a few captures of boss ac-3 pedals too.

I tried a few and the kemper one is great.


Many thanks @jallawalla, will try these captures.

Funny, by the way, to use an amp sim captured from the Kemper on the quad cortex. :slight_smile: has some IRs that convert electric guitar pickups into acoustic-like tones. This is what I use on QC.


Thats my approacht to this problem. Tried some captures, but the problem with them are, that they are allway one state of of the captured pedal. You can’t realy fiddle around with the parameters of them. So I endet up with a hotone omnic ac in the FX loop :-). Sound realy nice.

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@jamsden thanks for the tipp, I purchased an IR and I really like the sound.
I seem to have a problem with the gain staging though.

If I’m not mistaken, the IR goes into a cab block. But my gain is extremely low then.

Do you put a gain or an amp in front of the IR cab? Or do you simply increase the output?

Many thanks!


put the IR on BOTH sides in the cab block, if that’s still too low, crank their levels. Or you could increase the output level at the Output block stage. Tons of ways to do it, but for me loading the IR on both sides usually is sufficient

Yes, that helped quite a bit, did not think about that, thanks!

Still needed to boost the levels and the output.
But maybe I will try to increase the level of the IR itself, this could be too low too, I guess.

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Since all these blocks are typically linear, you can get the extra gain anywhere you want. I’d use the gain in the cab block with the IRs.

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There is a factory preset on the Quad Cortex called Acoustic Sim 1. Factory Library–>6H. Maybe use this as a starting point to create something.

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There are also some Fishman acoustic presets and captures available in the Neural cloud.

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Try gt-1000 ir GT-100. They have reallly good acoustic sims.

I don’t have the QC readily available at the moment, but I’m pretty sure I ran into a factory preset that had “12 string” or something to that effect in the title. I believe it used the Octavier block with the octave setting turned up and the sub setting all the way down. Obviously meant to emulate a 12 string guitar but it sounded very acoustic guitar to me, from what I remember.

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31G is the 12 string preset. 6 H is an acoustic sim preset.

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The QC can adequately capture the Hotone sound if you wanted to free up space on your board?

Yes, but then I can’t fiddel around with the settings of the Hotone anymore. Someday, when I’ve found all the perfect tone I sure will go that way :-).

Slight side track - how do you rate the Hotone? I’ve looked at it before but never seen one to test.

From all accoustic simulator pedals I’ve tried it is the best. You can realy dig deep into the parameters, if you want.

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