How to set up the expression pedal as a volume pedal?

How do you guys set up your quad cortex?

Put a gain module in the chain where you like it (beginning, end etc.) and set it to be controlled by one of the 2 expression pedal options. Note that the gain module goes from -60dB which means some leak if you use it early in a high gain chain.

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I had the same issue and came up with this solution.

In the Utility section pick “Gain” and place it wherever you desire in you chain. I placed it right at the beginning of mine. Then assign an expression pedal to it.

Do you know how to assign one?

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Thank you Peavey~ It works. great~

Thanks~ hasse :slight_smile:

We really need a volume block where we can set the max volume to be 0db and not boost level. In all the work around currently I have to limit the max part of sweep to it ends at 0db and not +xyz db

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So as a temporary measure, I use EQ block with didn’t regulate parameters. I placed it before delay and reverb blocks. It works pretty well like a volume pedal.