Using a Timeline and BigSky in my fx look... but they sound super quiet

Title says it all.

I split my signal in row 3 and run it into 2 different amps. Then, each of the stereo signals runs into an fx loop going into my timeline, then big sky and back to row 3/4 and into 2 different cabs, and then out.

I did the same basic thing on my Kemper, and my traditional board before that, and now for some reason the wet delay and reverb sounds feel much quieter than I remember. Idk if they’re actually quite, or if there is just a louder dry signal drowning it out

Anyone experience anything similar?

edit. Moved the loops before the amps… got the wet volume back… but it sounds like shit, so I moved it back to after the amps.

edit 2. Seems like there’s a solid 5db boost to my signal going into the fx loop… so that’s… cool, I guess… not really so much. Doesn’t solve the actual problem, but it’s another stupid ass problem I gotta deal with apparently. Like seriously, how hard is it to make a functional fx loop?

I agree. I was using a BigSky and Volante in the loop and had to fiddle with the effects loop gain on the send and return to get it sounding remotely good. Eventually I gave up and have just worked more with the delay and reverb in the unit. To me, monitoring thru headphones and recording straight into DAW using QC as an interface, I really liked how much quieter and clearer everything was. I felt like when I used the fx loop I sacrificed something tonally

Check your mixer and splitter settings as well.