Where do you put your fx loop and/or time based fx?

Wondering where in the chain people put these, I had been putting them after the cab for a while because I never really thought about it but I started putting them between the amp and cab sim and I think it gets a better sound.


Mine are all before the amp, except for one reverb and a loop between amp and cab.

I’ve put reverb before the amp for a long time just because I got sick of FX loops not working how I wanted then just got used to the sound. Reverb before amp distortion is definitely not a ‘normal’ sound that people want though.

I also use the FX loop as a send to my onstage cab because we can’t send from outputs 3/4 yet (can’t put them on the ends of rows due to the layout I have) and for an extra delay and looper, partly to cover the gap when switching between presets, but also it’s a PITA getting to the QC looper from scene mode as I have all my scenes filled. I might invest in one of the Disaster Area midi controllers at some point if the silence between presets is fixed.

Before I had a QC, I used my tube amp’s effects loop for modulation and time-based effects via 4-cable method, obviously before running out to my cab.

Likewise in the QC, I run my modulation and delays after the Amp block and before the Cab block. I don’t think there’s much of a difference before or after the cab, but it’s what I’m used to. Also, I typically run EQ and SSL compressor blocks after the cab to tighten everything up before sending out to FOH.