Use Quad Cortex as a Classic Amp Footswitch

Is it possible to use the expression outputs like a classic amp footswitch? This may be a niche use case, but it would be convenient nonetheless and help me streamline my board even further.

We already have MIDI out to send MIDI messages to effects, keyboards, amps, etc. However:

I have an amp that switches channels using a TRS cable instead of MIDI. There’s no way to switch the channels using the QC without some kind of aftermarket product (I use the Suhr Micro MIDI controller).

It would be really useful if the Quad Cortex could double as an amp footswitch in certain situations. The same way we can program each footswitch to send MIDI messages, it would be sick if we could assign each button to switch off the Ring and/or Sleeve of our TRS cables through the expression inputs.

I actually use the quad cortex to run the 4 cable method for myself and my other guitar player. Both inputs, all send/returns and outputs are in use. Both of our amps change channels with TRS or TS, but I can only change my own. It would be super convenient if I could change not just our effects but also our amp channels with a simple button stomp or scene change.

This is correct