USB Interface Audio Dropout

CorOS Version: 1.01

Using a Late 2014 Macbook Pro (Big Sur) I am getting frequent cut outs in the audio when using the Quad Cortex as a USB interface. This is not happening with my brick-like 2010 Macbook Pro (Mavericks). When both devices are first turned on the audio might last for 1-2 minutes after which replugging the Quad Cortex the audio comes back for 5-10 seconds before dropout.

Checking the console I am getting HALS_IOA1Engine::EndWriting: got an error from the kernel trap, Error: 0xE00002EE

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Step 1 - Plug in audio interface
  2. Step 2 - Play audio briefly until it beeps and cuts out
  3. Step 3 - Be sad

I have tried the following things:

  • PRAM reset
  • Turning both devices off and on, disconnecting from power and recconecting
  • Moved back to Catalina, same issue occurs, same error
  • Restarting Coreaudiod via terminal

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