quad cortex usb cut sound problem

Hello, I have a problem when I connect my quad cortex to the usb and use it as a sound card. After a few minutes the sound cuts out and turns back into a robot signal. I’ve done a factory reset and uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled but it doesn’t change anything. I’ve checked that I’m in 48khz in the settings. it does it everywhere youtube vlc daw etc. I have a very powerful pc and I’ve also changed the usb cable. do you have any idea where the problem could be coming from?

Make sure you have the current drivers and current CoreOS installed. You could try to backup (over cloud or locally via Cortex Control), factory reset and restore or worse case, email support@neuraldsp.com so that they can log your issue and provide resolution for your specific issues.

I allow myself to ask the question because I have been in contact with customer service for a few days and it does not find me a solution? are there people who had this problem? I feel like I’m alone and that the cause would be a quad cortex break. thank you

There have been others with USB sound related issues but there are multiple variances depending on MACOS vs PC, CoreOS, PC/MAC system resources, sample size, ASIO version etc., therefore best to work with support while they hopefully help to identify your specific issues quickly. Just curious if you backed up, factory reset and restored yet?

yes I did more factory reset I try all the usb port of my ( 10900k 32go ram) I have desinstaler and install the usb driver I am well 48khz. I changed the usb cable. I do not know what to do I do not understand how such a basic thing does not work for so long unless it is material.

If support hasn’t asked for RMA, they must believe its not a QC hardware related issue which is good. Sometimes it takes a few days for support to review your logs (assuming they asked for diagnostic logs) and determine a source of the issue(s).
I would also add specific details in your thread (on this forum) of Windows OS, HW/SW specifics etc., anything you add helps others that may have previously resolved similar issues. I didn’t see it mentioned but are you using stock OEM power supply and or any USB hubs?

i don’t use a usb hub i use windows 11 23H2. i can also give you a video link to listen to what happens. it will give you an idea of the sound. i did a test with latencymon as requested by support. do you think it’s useful to publish it here as i don’t understand the report lol.

I doubt the latencymon results would add any benefit here but it couldn’t hurt either :slight_smile:

By chance, do you have any LED lighting or related directly near the QC? I ask as I have seen poor LED drivers used in cheaper LED bulbs introduce similar interference. The noise in your video sound like ground interference IMO., have you tried the ground-lift option in I/O pull down menu? And are you using the stock OEM power supply?

yes it’s bin the original power supply and i’ve tried ground lift but it hasn’t changed anything. thank you very much for the time you’ve taken to hook me up.

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