USB Computer Audio Volume adjustments?

Using my QC as an interface/monitor to play over headphones. I want to play alongside tracks and whatnot, output from the computer. However, the relative volume of the guitar signal chain and the computer output volume is such that I can hardly hear the track when I strike a note. Computer volume is already cranked, and the QC is set up for live play. Is there an easy way to change the monitor level of the USB computer signal coming into the QC?


Swipe down to the I/O screen and select USB then adjust output as needed.

That’s already dimed. I can attenuate it down, but not add gain–the max is 0.0. Does that sound correct?

I have the issue.

I’ve not found a way forward yet.

I have also had the same issue. I am not all that efficient with the IO settings yet. I got my QC about a week ago.

Same issue. both with computeraudio as well as assigning a dedicated row fron return 1 to multi out. I plug my phone in there