USB audio problem solved

I recently purchased a “new” MacBook Pro as my old one was showing its age. It was 12 yrs old and only had a Core 2 processor.
I used it to play Toontrack SOLO Superior Drummer 2 live and it was adequate.
The new MacBook was only 2 years newer but had an i5 processor ,16 gig of ram and a terabyte SSD
I updated to Catalina and it is excellent —so fast.
After watching the Tom Quayle demo of using USB audio to play 2 Neural dsp plugins with the Quad cortex , I purchased Abasi and Cory Wong during the Black Friday sale As I already had to use a laptop for the drum sounds the GTR stuff was a bonus.
I use a Komplete Audio 6 ( older one ) for the drums and QC for the plugins.
The Mac has only 2 USB ports so I had to use a hub to accommodate the Drums, Plugins(QC) and USB midi interface
The plugins on their own worked great until I tried to use the Komplete audio 6 and the midi interface as well. I got strange tones and even when it all appeared to be working well it would suddenly drop out for a few seconds then come back on. Not good.
Because it was a secondhand laptop I thought it was probably at fault.
I read the QC manual again and saw the sidebar that said the QC USB would not work well on a hub.
I opened up the usb dialog on the Mac and saw there was USB 3 and a USB hub.
Any way I plugged the QC into the first USB port, plugged the Komplete Audio 6 ( drums) and the generic usb midi interface into a hub, and plugged that hub into the second MAC USB port.
In the Mac dialogue it showed that QC on its own and the other 2 in a hub together.
IT IS NOW PERFECT and I can use both plugins stereo in the grid on QC as well as my drums on the Komplete Audio 6.
I hope this is useful to someone.