USB Audio Perfomance on Mac

My Quad Cortex arrived yesterday and I’m pretty impressed!

Unfortunately USB audio performance on my Mac seems to be not really good at the moment.

I have a roundtrip latency of 14.5ms in Ableton Live with a 128 sample buffer. Although the driver says 11.6ms. In Logic Pro, the values are similarly bad. This means that playing software instruments is not possible in a meaningful way.

The roundtrip latency of my old RME Babyface is only 7.08 ms at 48 KHz with 128 sample buffer. Of course, no one expects such low values. However, the fact that the latency is not reported correct in the DAW can be a problem if you don’t compensate for it.

I wonder if it is a problem on my end or in general. Because ultra-low latency audio transmission via usb is advertised on the website.

In the Quad Cortex Facebook group, people report much better values on Windows machines. Interestingly, my iPad also shows better values in AUM. However, I have not yet measured whether they are correct.

Ableton Live 11
MacOS 11.2.3