Usage of channel strip in DAW using neural plugins

Hello all,
Where do I insert a channel strip while using neural plugins in DAW?
Before or after the neural plugin?
Also, where does a transformer plugin like Karzog True iron go?
First in the signal chain or after the neural plugin?

If you intend to mimic a classic studio situation, the guitar goes to the amp, through a microphone to the console! So the neural plugin should be placed before the channels strip, which mimics the console.

Regarding the transformer plugin, I’d recommend to put it last as it is intended to colour the entire sound in a specific way.

That said, you are of course free to experiment, like using the EQ and compressor in the channel strip to tweak the raw guitar sound before the amp. The same goes for the transformer. But to do and old-school approach it’s amp plug to channel strip to transfomer.

That’s what I felt should be the right way too.
But somehow the exact opposite signal chain feels better sounding. Channel strip after the plugin sounds noisy and changes (not sure in a pleasant way) the overall tone a lot more tha placing the channel strip before the amp sim.

My chain is
True iron - OMNI SCHELPS channel strip - neural plugin.

Do i even need a channel strip since most neural plugins have their own Compressor and Eqs?

How are other users using plugins with neural amps while in DAW?
What signal chain sounds great?

I agree and I also tried this way, but it didn’t sound any good to me too.
In my last test, I used an unison UA 610 preamp plugin from my UAD, before going into the Cory Wong plugin… not the classic chain / old school approach, I just had my guitar rounder, fatter and a slightly compressed before going in the amp. I’ll wait for suggestions, while doing more trials.
Let’s keep posting and sharing results!

I have generally noticed that Compressor after neural amp sims kinda makes overall tone not so pleasant.
I use izotope ozone 9 end of the chain which also like a channel strip i believe and that yields much desirable results. I use the huge guitars preset and switch off the dynamics.

Present chain-
True iron - omega A - omni chelps - neural - ozone 9

What I am trying to hit is a warm rounder tone. What I am getting right now with this chain is pretty good but a bit digitally harsh if I have to describe my distaste about it.

Tone chase is such a bitch.

Very true remarks! In a DAW chain you’re free to mix as you want and often it’s more rewarding to try more “unorthodox” ways to achieve the desired tone. I often use an EQ and a 3rd party compressor before the amp plug to tweak the response. Same goes for post amp FX like reverb, delay and chorus. A colour plug like a transformer can go anywhere from first to last, to get the desired result.

Completely agree and of course, actual hardware and post-production (as in YT demos) is also a key to a good tone with any sim and DAW. I would love to see demos include complete chains/settings, from guitar input to the final demo master. For instance, Plini’s demo tones are not something most users are going to plug and play to get on his demos - not even if only 2 or 3 notes are played. If nothing else, it would provide more rabbit holes to go down.