Adding third-party effects to Neural DSP plugins

Hi, first of all i would like to say that i love the sound of these plugins, in particular of Cali Suite and Archetype Nolly which i fortunately have. The only thing is that sometimes i would like to add some effect like an octaver or a pitch shifter. Is it possible to combine in DAW or in standalone effects from another software like Bias FX 2 or something like that with the amps and cabs from the Neural Plugins?


Just add the third part plugin below the neural plugin in your fx channel.

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Check out Patchwork by Blue Cat. Great utility for combining plug ins. Standalone or in DAW.


Thank you, i’m using Reaper DAW, should i simply add the 2 VSTs in one track like this?

Yes exactly. And turn on only those modules that you need. Eg. amp from bias and then the cab from nolly

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Yes, that totally works! REAPER is a very flexible system and you can use it like this for plug-in chaining. In fact, it can pretty much do anything that Patchwork can do. I’ve used REAPER and Ableton this way.

The only reason I bring up patchwork is that you can mix different plug-in formats, do all sorts of crazy serial and parallel chaining, and THEN load patchwork as a single plugin inside any application you like. For instance using VST3, AU etc. in an application that only supports VSTs. It also works standalone so you can build a standalone rig out of plugins. This has proved handy, but is not needed if you are working in a DAW like reaper.

PS I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Blue Cat audio.

Thank you! Im very new in this thing so this help me a lot!

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i just discovered the world of guitar software so for the moment reaper is more than enough, but thank you very much for the advice, it will surely serve me later!

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Reaper is more than enough brother. You can do a lot with reaper. There’s a whole community for reaper. Just keep using it and you’ll learn a great deal. :raised_hands::metal:

I second that. Reaper is vey powerful. Good community. You can’t go wrong with it.

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Check out Cantabile if you’re running Windows. It’s a VST host designed for live performance that is used by a number of pro giggers. The free Lite version will do everything you describe and then some. The paid versions allow you to program midi controls, run automation sequences, etc. It is the gold standard…

The Neural stand-alone versions are great if you don’t need to expand what they offer. If you do need to expand for live use, Cantabile is the best way to go imo.


I am interested in adding a modulation vst.
do I have to add 2 sessions of the archetype plugin including the modulation plugin in between ?

Though it is a clunky solution, if you need to add a plugin in a particular spot in the pedal chain, you can run multiple instances of your NDSP plugin and disable the parts not needed for that portion of the chain.

For example, I run one instance of Wong and enable only the pedals and disable everything else, then in the Cantabile live host I add maybe Pecheneg Tremolo, then I add another instance of Wong with only the amp, cab, and post FX enabled. Since tremolo pre distortion sounds different than tremolo post distortion, this is a way to place it post distortion pedal and before the amp.

Or instead, add Cali as the amp and cab sim, and you now have Wong pedals plus Pecheneg Tremolo plus Cali pedals driving a Cali amp of your choice. Then add another Wong and enable only the post FX and you now have post cab delay and reverb to use with Cali.

Despite being a bit ugly, I do this frequently and the CPU penalty is miniscule and it sounds great.

Thank you !
in my case I have to place the chorus just before the amp?
another question, I see that the delay and reverb are placed after the speaker ? there is no loop like in a real amp?

No amp FX loop. The post cab FX will behave like studio FX on a recorded track of a real amp. In fact being able to do post cab FX so easily for live is a big benefit of modelling amps imo.

As for chorus, post cab chorus will sound great. In general, post cab FX will be the cleanest since they do not experience amp distortion. Just depends on the sound you’re after though, whether before the amp or after…there is no “right” or “wrong” so experiment to see which is best for your situation.