Feature request: pre amp bypass to use power amp only

There are a few power amp plugins out there, but I trust Neural DSP more.
Especially Omega Ampworks Granophyre (3 power amp tubes) and Archetype Rabea (6L6, EL34) are predestined for this.

For example, you could route the Victory Kraken Pre amp into the power amp section of a Neural DSP plugin.

well, with the Bea, you wouldn’t really need a separate plugin for a Kraken :wink:

The request is not about another plugin.
It’s simply the option to bypass the pre amp section of any Neural DSP plugin.
This will give you more routing options between the plugins and even hardware as well.
I wasn’t clear in my example, but the Victory Amps Kraken pre amp pedal is a hardware unit and
it does not have a power amp section. Using the one from Bea would be a perfect match.

The bottom line is that it means more tonal options.
Other plugins can do this, but personally I would like to see this in Neural DSP.